1: Meta

Here I am. Inspiration lends itself in the most unlikely places. I found mine while mindlessly browsing the net. All my life I have written what others wanted to read, said what others wanted to hear. In the process, I lost track of what I wanted to write, what I wanted to say. A friend suggested, write for yourself, and put yourself out there. But, the process of self-discovery is difficult and discipline is hard to achieve, especially, when all your life you have been trained to win others’ admiration. How does a people-pleaser, please himself? More importantly, how does a person find himself?

So I took up this challenge, inspired by many such time bound challenges on the internet. For the next eighty eight days, I will write something daily. I will let the day and the mood decide the content.  At the end of it, if nothing else, I will be happy that I took up a challenge and completed it successfully.

“It gets easier. But, you’ve got to do it everyday” – stolen inspiration via friend via Bojack Horseman


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