2: Everyone has a purpose in this universe

What do people mean when they say, “you were born to do this”? Destiny is an illusory concept. If you choose to believe in it, it may betray you. You try to ignore it, and it catches up with you in unseemly ways. I have struggled to find my purpose in this world. Surely, it can’t be that high-paying desk job, which others can do just as well as I do. It definitely won’t be that academic position that others, more serious people, are better suited to do. I sure do pray that it is the job I covet, but don’t necessarily have the skills for (as yet).  Is the little voice in my head urging me towards my destiny or is it merely wishful thinking? It’s all very muddled.

Some of my friends suggest that there is really no answer to the question, what is your purpose in this universe. It’s all a matter of choice. My mother chose to be a teacher. My dad chose a nine-to-five government job. Their choices became their destiny. However, if you met my mother, you would immediately recognize that she was meant to be a teacher. As an energetic child, she had difficulty adapting to the patience and persistence which the education system of her time demanded. Learning was boring and required her to sit down and read books. Naturally, when she chanced upon a teaching job, she enjoyed making teaching fun and inclusive for everyone, including me. In a way, her circumstances chose the purpose of her life. So, when it comes to deciding your purpose, how much of a choice does one really have? For most of us, our destinies are sealed even before we become conscious of it. That is the reason why we keep feeling that calling in our heart. It’s like a little nudge pushing you towards something. RuPaul calls it ‘the universe’s stage direction’. Whatever it is, it draws you further and further until your actions become one with your purpose.

As I stood on my balcony one day, with rain pouring down heavily, I noticed a creeper (money plant, to be precise) firmly planted on the ropes of my sun-shades. The creeper reminded me of my biology classes, especially evolution. I remembered reading about the orchid shaped like a female bee. The male bee confuses the flower to be its soulmate, and pollinates the flower instead. Whenever, we feel totally lost, nature always provides inspiration. There is nothing wasteful in nature, everything has a purpose. Even the most mundane living beings, have an important role to play and impact the ecosystem in huge way. As much as we like to believe that we have surpassed nature and control our own destinies, we are still a part of nature. That’s an important lesson to keep in mind. Literature and mythology tell us the same thing. Everybody, has a part to play in the story sooner or later. So, for all those people who feel confused about their purpose, or are scared that they will never find what they are meant for, nature serves as reassuring reminder.


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