10: Does everything happen for a reason?

Remember the old story of the king whose minister tried to convince him that everything happens for a reason? One day as the king goes on a hunt, he is injured by a thorn in his path. He asks his minister what good could come out of his injury. The minister is proven right when the king gets lost on his way and is captured by a tribe, who want to offer him as a tribute to their gods. However, when they discover the king’s injury they let him go, as the tribute needs to be whole and healthy. This story has been told in many forms to Indian children to teach them that everything happens for a reason. The merits of this belief aside, it does offer solace during difficult times when nothing makes sense. It provides the hope that it will all make sense later. But, do things happen randomly or  is there any method to the madness?

When you meet someone special in your life, you feel that there must be a reason why you met the person. It must be because you were meant to be together. Why else would you be where you are? Sometimes, this helps to overlook the hardships which comes with the relationship. If it was pre-ordained, then you have to work it out. But when things don’t work out, and you finally decide to part ways, you wonder what could have been the point of it all. Why did you waste all those years on something which did not achieve fruition? As time passes, you begin to realize the lessons which you learned from your experiences. It starts making sense again. The more time you give it, the more it seems like it happened for a reason. So, are we merely discovering those reasons or are we just connecting the dots in an attempt to rationalize our experiences. Nobody knows for sure. But, here’s the thing. Whenever in doubt always look to nature. At the most microscopic level, all matter is a summation of randomly colliding particles. However, as we gain some perspective we begin to see shapes and sizes and color. We begin to identify objects we are familiar with. Same is with the universe. As we live, we find ourselves in a sea full of human activity and chaos, but look from the space and all you will see is a calm blue planet in its rightful place circling the sun. The truth is that distance gives us that perspective to see things for what they are rather than what they appear to be. That’s how meditation works, it helps us visualize our lives from a distance, and from that position everything happens for a reason. So, do not despair if things don’t make sense. After all, we are nothing but a summation of our random life experiences.


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