About Me


I am  Aishwarya Ayushmaan, a 25 year old, law graduate from New Delhi, India. Most people undergo an existential crisis at some stage in their lives, where they question their existence and try to figure out the meaning of their lives. I, however, have pondered on these questions as I child. While other children used to be busy playing with their toys during the summer vacations, I sat there thinking  what was the point of it all. If everyone has to die in the end, is there any meaning to life at all. What was the point of studying, playing, doing what the society asks you to do when nothing really matters in the end? When I could not find satisfactory answers to these questions, it led to periods of depression and hopelessness.

As I grew up, I became more adept at handling these situations. I found a temporary purpose in competing for a spot in a prestigious law school. I tried hard, and succeeded. But, things did not stop there, when my law school curriculum ended, I found myself back where I started, searching for my purpose. I read multiple books, looked up to the life of Buddha for advice, listened to old and inspirational people. And in the end, I realized that our life is essentially meaningless, it takes whatever meaning we ascribe to it. To accept the meaninglessness of life is empowering as it gives you the freedom to do whatever you want, without worrying too much about expectations. But the real enlightenment came from understanding, that the greater challenge is to remind ourselves daily,  not to take life too seriously, to see the bigger picture, to not be affected by hurdles, to find happiness in adversity, to overcome loneliness and depression and to remember, that we will be always taken care of, as long as we are ready to lend a hand out for others.

So, as I endeavor to create a meaningful life for myself, I realized that my greatest passion
lies in entertaining and helping others with their daily struggles. This blog is my attempt to share my experiences with you, in the hope that it can elevate your life and help you cope with whatever challenges life throws on. Thank you for reading this far.


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